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Question by : What motivates you to study and excel in School and Learning?
In this question I’ll give two choices, and I’m curious as to which prevails.
In school, (I’m in College) what motivates you to keep going? Is it 1: Self improvement and awareness of life, or 2: want for a more financially successful future?

So I’m curious of it’s more of a financial thing or more of an abstract, better yourself kind of thing.

For me I’m not doing it for a more financially successful future, as I’m not concerned with money passed the point of having enough for the necessities.

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Answer by -•ღ. Jεииí.ღ •-!Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ
1: Self improvement and awareness of life: YES
2: want for a more financially successful future?: NO. maybe.

Self-improvement, money comes & goes, my happiness of knowing, hey! I worked really hard studying, I’m studding and working, something that my friends are not, makes me feel proud of myself and independent, my friends look up at me for how far i have done/come.

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