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Question by Saad Rafique: Looking for self improvement material to make life successful?
How to built the personality? I am looking for self improvement Material that i should follow? I am looking for books, videos, lecture that i should freely follow online? Or else if you recommend me to read the book that change my life. Your answer will be highly appreciated?

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Answer by The utter Subjectivity of Brilliance
The easiest I found is applying components of self-actualization to address your own known human limitations.

Here’s a few:

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Question by h00raychel: how can a military spouse have a successful career as a mental health counselor or psychologist?
Would it be realistic for a recent graduate with a BA in Psychology to follow her Air Force officer through flight training (2 years) and subsequent duty stations (every 3 years) while hoping to complete a mental health counseling degree (3-4 years).

Would the moving around be detrimental to her career? Would licensing on a state by state basis be difficult? What education and job opportunities are there via the Air Force/Military? Are there any psychologists out there that are married to military officers? Please help.

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Answer by Warbird Pilot
Most of the base hospitals where he’ll be stationed will have counselors. But the choice is yours, not ours.

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A strong education system has enabled Singapore to develop a modern vibrant economy. Well trained and highly motivated teachers are central to its success.

Question by ucubit23: How successful do you think the US health care planning efforts have been?
How successful do you think the US health care planning efforts have been? What do you see as the flaws in the American health care planning system to date? What do you think have been the successes?

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Answer by Murky
Horrendous….Obama is an idiot and is trying to force something 85% of Americans DO NOT WANT!

We can’t afford it…and why should I have to pay for some lazy asss person who doesnt want to work or is too stupid to get a job that offers insurance?


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Question by Unbreakable: Is therer a book on how to lead a better more successful life?
I really enjoy reading non-fiction, self improvement / personal development style books. So far they have all fallen short of helping me achieve my life goals. Is there a book, workbook or guide that will help me be more charismatic, better looking, more charming, successful in business, happier in life and family? I know your temptation might be to say the bible but I’m looking for something secular. If you have to suggest more than one book please do.

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Answer by ilovebeaches:)
there are tons..just go to the library. try reading the seven habits for highly effective people.

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Question by TwinkleHead: What successful natural remedies has anyone tried for keloids?
I have a keloid on my jawline and it isn’t so much a problem with the way it looks but that it is slightly painful to the touch. I am hoping someone has had some luck with some natural remedies like different herbs or something of the sort. I don’t want to do steroid injections, lasers, freezing, or any of those. Any help would be appreciated…

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Answer by mother_amethyst
I know five or six people who have been helped by Vitamin E. Buy the capsules, take them as directed. AND, three times a day, after washing your hands, use a sterilized needle to pierce a Vitamin E capsule. Squeeze out the liquid and apply it to your keloids. I hope this helps yours.

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