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Question by bianka.: Can i become a Special Education teacher with a degree in Liberal Studies?
I want to become a special education teacher but i don’t exactly know what to major in. Is it possible to recieve my degree in liberal studies and then complete a education specialist credential program? I need some advice on this please!

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Answer by George
Yes, I think you can become a special education teacher with a degree in liberal studies. You should call or write to the Department of Education in your state. They will have a specialist in education talk to you about the requirements. I think you will have add some 4 to 6 classes before you can get a state certificate, but there is a great need for special education teachers. You are probably in a state that has that high need. Good luck..

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Question by Humanoid: What are some infant/toddler teacher education programs in the USA and Canada?
What are some infant/toddler teacher education programs in the USA and Canada?
I’m looking for a teacher education program in the USA or Canada that focuses specifically on infant/toddler education. Ideally it would be a master’s degree program as I already have a bachelor’s in early childhood education, but any suggestions would be helpful.

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Answer by David
Early Childhood Education program is considered best educational program for making career in this field. I would suggest you to visit – for finding information on teaching education programs. Here you can also find list of schools offering such educational program.

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Question by Gabriel: What materials to get for a new special education teacher?
I am starting a special education class, after school that i will be helping with kids on homework from grades pre-k to 3rd grade.
What do i need to start out with.? What materials and everything. I already know of students i just need to know what else i need.

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Answer by TigerLilly
Hopefully you have a computer, if so, you should get some fun, simple software for the kids. Good Luck!

They also like magnetic/white boards with markers, and magnetic pictures and letters.

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Question by Shan: How much more education would it take for a nurse to become a teacher?
I am stuck between the 2 careers so i am wondering i i get my RN degree and decide i want to be a teacher later how much more education do i need? bachelor of education? or do i have to complete an undergrad degree again then take the bachelor of education degree? i seen nurse educator degree but i think that’s for just working in universities and colleges that are training nurses right? or can you teach science to high school students with that as well?

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Answer by ::eja::
To be an effective teacher and for most college universities you need to complete the undergraduate classes before getting admitted to the teacher candidate program. Even if you have a degree, expect another 4 years on top of the previous degree.

You have to account for the observations and student teaching portions, as well as classes. Teaching requires a lot of experience and a lot of work compared to the stereotypical beliefs of some people.

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