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Why do some people struggle more than others to keep off the pounds? Social psychologist Emily Balcetis shows research that addresses one of the many factors…

Bad Religion - Stranger Than Fiction (Full Album)

Bad Religion – Stranger Than Fiction (Full Album) 01 Incomplete 0:00 02 Leave Mine to Me 2:29 03 Stranger Than Fiction 4:36 04 Tiny Voices 6:56 05 The Handsh…
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Learn about health care reform fast! This short video explains health reform in a quick and humorous cartoon. Don’t rely on your friends for the answers! Tak…
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Health care policy is a complicated ongoing discussion that requires deep societal introspection about what we choose to value. With an emotional appeal to u…

Question by We Trod Upon You: How is taxing people to pay for health insurance different than taxing to pay for retiree’s health insurance?
Why are the right wingers squawking that mandatory taxes to fund health care are “unConstitutional” yet we all are forced to pay taxes every day to fund the Medicare health insurance program for retirees? What’s the difference?

Best answer:

Answer by FLSwampBoy
No difference.

It’s just that Obama did it instead of the other side.

All of the components of the new health care law had been supported by both sides over the years.

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Question by Luis899: How do you believe in that your religion is true than other religions?
If you believe in your own religion and a Muslim, Jewish, or other religions tells you their beliefs, would you believe them also? Do you actually know if your Religious beliefs and their religious beliefs actually exist?

Best answer:

Answer by motivational_raven
some of us actually read and do research. we’ve seen the evidence and made our choices based on that

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Question by mikeyvx88: What purposes does education serve other than providing greater economic rewards?
Why do you and the people of your community need to have a good education? And what purposes does education serve other than providing greater economic rewards, such as enabling people to get better paying jobs?

This is for an essay.
Would love some ideas. I honestly don’t know where to start. Help please!

Best answer:

Answer by SDD
Education allows me to answer questions like this with some authority. In addition, I find uneducated people really off-putting. Wouldn’t be proud to be one myself.

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Question by Kimmy: How is a regular exercise bike different than a spinning bike?
The buzz lately is that you can burn about 500 calories, tone up and lose weight quickly by exercising for only 30 minutes on a spinning bike.

I have a regular exercise bike and cannot afford a spinning bike or classes. Would I be able to achieve the same results by exercising for 30 minutes a day on my exercise bike?

Please explain to me the difference between the two bikes and how they work differently to give different results?

Best answer:

Answer by wle atlanta
that would be the rough equivalent of cycling at 28,5 mph on a road bike

i doubt you can put out that much effort

that;s like racing, tour de france kind of speed

so i doubt the buzz

secondly, i can;t see that there is any difference between an exercise bike and a spin bike….

on the other hand, see this..


Give your answer to this question below! Abdul Sattar Edhi, 84, gave up everything to devote his life to helping Pakistan’s poorest. From standing on the foot paths to beg for the poor, to establishing Pakistan’s biggest network of shelter homes and ambulance service, here is the selfless journey of a true living saint. Think twice for Pakistan. Think twice about Pakistan!

Question by DCPete27: What if education costs are less than your Coverdell IRA value?
If the education IRA and 529 plan I have for my son grows in value such that all education expenses are completely covered, what happens with the remainder? If there is a penalty, what is the rate?

Best answer:

Answer by v b
Remember that the original contributions were after tax money, so only the earning can be taxed as income and subject to a 10% penalty.

For both funds, you can roll the money to another student (up to a first cousin).

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