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Question by It’s the hair: Do these natural remedies to flush gall stones work?
I’m having (I think) gall bladder attacks about every month now. I know these are caused by gall stones.

Looks like I have three options,

1) eat better, and hope I don’t have any more attacks
2) have my gall bladder removed
3) “flush” my gallbladder with some of these natural remedies.

Do these natural remedies really work, or do they just want my money?

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Answer by Jasdeep G
You can’t just flush them out. I know someone who had to get them surgically removed, it was painful for her.

I suggest, that you should choose healthier lifestyles, treat your body like an investment, it will be worthwhile down the road.

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Question by Ashley A: What are the difference between these Mental Health Professionals?
What is the difference between a Mental Health Clinical Social Worker, Mental Health Psychologist, and a Mental Health Physician? I know that schooling is probably different. Do any of them have the ability to prescribe? Also, is there a difference between Behavioral health and Mental health? If so what is it so I know what kind of Dr. I should go see. Thank you!!

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Answer by Libraryanna
A social worker has a master’s degree. A psychologist has a doctorate in psychology. A physician who specializes in mental health is a psychiatrist and, in addition to medical school, has several years of specialized training.

The prescribing ability depends on the state. In many cases, however, the social worker or psychologist refers the patient to a psychiatrist for prescriptions, if needed, but does therapy themselves. Social workers usually concentrate on how your problems affect your ability to function in society. (It varies a lot though). Generally they do more short term treatment focused on functioning. They are not usually ones to treat very serious mental illnesses. For more serious problems, a psychologist is more appropriate as they also focus on the mental processes. A psychiatrist is best if it’s a chemical disorder or the most serious of mental illnesses, such as severe depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia.

Cant’ advise you as to which you should see without knowing what problems you think you have.

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