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How to Get Back Into Shape After No Exercise for a Long Time : Full Fitness Training

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Johnny Cash - Give Me That Old Time Religion

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The Delfonics – Didn’t I (Blow Your Mind This Time) – 1971
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Question by Alakazam: What was the general education level of the masses in the time of Jesus?
Hi I am writing an article and did not know how to determine the education level of individuals during the time of Jesus. I am assuming their intellect potential was/is the same of individuals today. What I am curious about is there a way to compare the two extreme educational levels. As an example: Most individuals had no education. Most individuals had the equivalent education of a second grader in our time. Or most could not read or write but could perform basic math. I would appreciate your insight. Thanks

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Answer by Dana
pre school

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Question by Birdy is my real name: What religion you are tends to be directly related to the time you are born into or the county right?
For example, if you were born into ancient Egypt, you would follow the ancient Egyptian religion, and those born today in say Texas, would follow Christianity, as those in Iran would be Muslim.

So is it not ever so slightly obvious that religion is all just made up nonsense?
Surely if there was a god we would all have the same religion by now?

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Answer by Verusanct
and u thinking there should be one God is clearly product of you still being brainwashed despite ur greatest efforts :] lol think about it! why is monotheism so much better than polytheism? they’re both fairy tales and equally valid in that case.

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Question by : How much time do Special Education Teachers spend outside of the classroom preparing for the next day?
I am highly considering majoring in Special Education. Right now it’s a toss up between Special Education and Business Education. I’m trying to evaluate the pros and cons of each.

My question is, how much time, approximately, does a special education teacher spend outside of the classroom preparing for the lessons for the coming days? Is it as much as a normal teacher, or more? More than an English teacher for example?

What type of work load can be expected outside of the classroom?
I know that IEDs drive people crazy, but I don’t mind that kind of paperwork.

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Answer by Heather
I spend several hours of my own time preparing…but then again so does EVERY other teacher I know regardless of level or subject. The positive is that many parts of my planning can be done either online or saves to a data stick instead of carrying tons of books and folders around.

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Bill Maher - Atheism Not a Religion + Mitt Romney in-Law Unbaptism (Real Time New Rules 02-03-2012)

Bill explains why atheism doesn’t qualify as a religion and then performs an “unbaptism” on Edward Davies, Ann Romney’s father and Mitt Romney’s father-in-law.
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