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At the German sports college in Cologne, neuroscientists are examining how far exercise and sports can contribute not just to physical fitness but also to me…
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Question by Mr McDude: Why is it so much harder for men to find a partner today?
My average looking behind cannot get a women no matter what. Every dating tip advice, self improvement plan has been used. Theres many guys in my situation but very few women in this situation.
There must be some social imbalance created because it wasn’t always like this.

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Answer by I Know Your Mom Carnally
Go find dangerous booty

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Question by maddi: How does religion and democracy play a role in the United States today?
My question as stated above is how does religion and democracy play a role in the United States today. What I mean by this is how do they go “hand in hand” and make an effect on society today? One example I have is by the first ammendent. Freedom of religion, democracy is what gives us the freedom of religion. If you can think of any other topics on this subject that would be great.

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Answer by r1b1c*
It is proper of primitive people to believe in the supernatural, religion, a god, the afterlife and all that comes with it.

You can’t legislate ignorance out of existence, that can only come as the result of education, rational educated thinking people do not believe in such nonsense.

It is proper of enlightened people to live in a democracy were the will of the majority is the law of the land.

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Question by pUnkInner: What is the best education model for a child today and where can I find it in the world?
There are several options for a child’s education in today’s world. There are variations in curriculum, teaching methodologies, cultural values, goals of education. There are novel options available today such as unschooling and home schooling that were not as common earlier. What then is an ideal educational system for a child from school through undergraduate and graduation? Where is the best education system available in the world for each of these levels?

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Answer by PW
not in the USA, thats for sure

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This video was created by Tom Woodward of Henrico County schools in Virginia. Tom used the work of Karl Fisch from Colorado who created a PPT using various quotes and statistics from “flat world” thinking. Used with permission