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DISCLAIMER: My series on mental health recovery. I am NOT a mental health professional. Any concerns you have MUST been seen by a psychiatrist or doctor. This is just a handy guide geared towards recovery and remaining stable and is COMPLIMENTARY to the work you do with your doctors. Not INSTEAD of the work you do with your doctors. I cannot offer advice or treatment. This series documents my own journey with an action plan given to me by the NHS…I simply thought I would share my journey with others so that you too could benefit from a recovery programme for free. I am not making any claims to be a therapist and any information provided in this series I will consult the correct professionals who are qualified. I just want to make it clear that this is not a guide to treatment or advocating abandonment of medication. In fact I encourage medication and treatment, instead the series will look at a variety of tools that can be used to promote a better way of being, and hopefully to help us remain stable. I do not work for the NHS and therefore am not qualified to advise you on anything. This is purely my own thoughts on recovery based on a action pack from the NHS. I hope you will find the series helpful. Thanks for reading.
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