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Travel Health Insurance Tips

The CBC’s Aaron Saltzman looks at what you need to know before you buy travel health insurance.
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Question by franklincoveycoach: How can I get work as a guest lecturer on a cruise ship in exchange for travel?
I am a Licensed Psychologist and Certified Coach. I have lots of experience presenting on a variety of self-improvement and parenting topics.

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Answer by tech_fanatic
So far in my experience on a cruise, I’ve not seen guest psychologist lecturers. I have seen many people on board providing lectures to guests while on board. I’m not sure if they were allowed to go for free, but they brought their families as well, so I’m going to assume at the very least they were offered a really discounted rate.

I know lines like Holland America and a few other lines that offer cruises for seniors have many guest speakers quite often. But again, I’m not sure what they would have avilable for you.

A good thing to do might be to call the cruise lines directly to talk to them. They should be able to transfer you to someone that should be able to help.

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