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Question by isaiah: What are the natural remedies to treat acne?

can anyone suggest me natural remedies to cure acne?

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yeh,there are many fruits to get cure of acne use
use these fruit juice can cure from acne.
use chandan(sandahwood) with honey and milk to great result.
alovera also good for acne..
Try to plantey of carrot…vitamin a has work as antitoxin for acne.
avoid milk product and sweets it cause breakout.
Finaly take the vapour of warm water it realy help…drink 4 litter of watter per day
trust me I collect to treat acne and it works in 15 days.

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Question by cyrax_101: What are natural remedies(home remedies) to treat an abscess?
I am having an abscess under the skin. I have been taking anti-biotics for it as recommended by the doctor but there is no relief.
I need to know any natural remedies to treat an abscess which is under the skin
I had heard that dipping a washcloth in a hot infusion of chamomile tea does some work. But the abscess just became red and softer. Is it bad or good?

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Answer by Xavier L
you can use heat to try and bring the abscess closer to the surface of the skin so that it creates a head kind of like a zit. once that has happened you can just pop it and drain out all the pus.
but with time the abscess will ether rise closer to the surface of the skin or it will be consumed by your body you don’t really need to worry about it if you ask me.

i had one on my foot and i couldn’t take care of it. so i just ignored the pain it was giving me and it too a few days but it left all by itself. mine wasn’t very big though.

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