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Get rid of dark circles : Treat and remove under eyes dark area at home. Remedies for black circles around eye includes use of tea, milk and cucumber. ——…

Puffy eyes, swollen eye bags and under the eye wrinkles can age a person’s face beyond their natural years. The solution is in the form of face fitness exerc…

Understanding detention under Mental Health Law 2007 - Part 1 Civil Detention

Demonstration webinar. DIY facial exercises provide so many more possibilities (than facelift surgery…
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Question by Velocity149: What does it mean to be apprehended under the mental health act?
I was recently apprehended under the mental health act, I don’t know why, but I had a knife with me so they assumed I was “crazy”. I was brought to the hospital, and the doctor said I was fine, and that nothing was wrong. Was this just a way of scaring me without arresting me, and does this stay on my criminal record? I live in Ontario, and I don’t know what this all means. I would really appreciate some answers, that would be great.

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Answer by Scooter Mama
This is what happens when you commit crimes under the mental health act. The best thing for you to do is either not commit crimes or, if you must do criminal things, do them well away from the mental health act.

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Question by : Any home remedies for getting rid of bags and dark circles under the eyes?
i wake up every morning and there are bags under my eyes from not much sleep. I normally go to bed at 12 or 11 because i can’t sleep, and my mum won’t let me use the eye roll on because they use harsh chemicals which can damage my skin, so does anyone have any home remedies they could share !!!
Thank you !! 🙂 xx

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Answer by TryTruth
Yes, an old tradition is to use dipped, cold tea bags, just lie down and put them on your eyes. Or same thing with cucumber slices.

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