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Question by Kevin I: What theories can economics draw upon to evaluate Health care reforms?
Hi, I am a stduent studying Health Economics.
I am just wondering what kind of economic theories we can use when evaluating the health care reform.

Please let me know if you have any idea and thanks for reading!

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Answer by pjmo_99
The two main schools of thought revolve around increased competition utilizing the power of markets to lower costs while maintaining quality or increasing government control to dictate prices.

The problem with using markets exclusively is that it requires the end user to be directly involved in purchasing care. Minimum levels of sophistication regarding how much treatments, procedures, and medicine should cost fall to the consumer of the care. The cost of care should come down as the consumer makes conscious decisions based on their symptoms on whether or not to see a physician and how much they should pay that physician for the care they will need.

Government mandated pricing will lower the price paid for care by setting up a single payer for all medical treatment within the country. However, this has proven to force providers to ration care because they will only be compensated by the government at a level that is less than optimal for handling the demand for services. While everyone in the country will have “insurance”, many will go without actual care.

The Cato Institute has plenty of in depth resources.

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Question by C.S.: What is more just: rationing health care based upon bureaucratic decisions or ability to pay?
Both socialzed and free market health care ration health care.

In socialized health care, care is rationed based upon bureaucratic decisions.
In “free market” health care, care is rationed based upon the ability of the person to pay.

Which is more just?
Which is more just for a child?

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Answer by vtjames7433
Ability to pay especially since if push comes to shove and you get rushed to the ER you will get taken care of but the bureaucrat won’t give a darn about it- you’re just a number

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