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Question by icantthink1: what is the value of education?
in thinking about this question, you should consider different “rewards” of education, various “purposes” of education, and the many forms that one’s education may take. please support your answers.

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Answer by JohnOSevens
The rewards of education are increased creativity, the ability to perform at a higher mental level, and learning how to learn. Basically, knowing how to identify what you are interested in, and knowing how to pursue that interest as far as it will carry you.

It is an unfortunate effect, however, that school strips away most of this. The purpose of school is not education, it is indoctrination. Not to make you more creative, but less, to produce not a creator but a cog in the corporate-industrial-military wheel. They teach you /what/ to think, not /how/ to think.

Therefore, education is best pursued by avoiding school.

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Question by Jackie Brown: What is the value of a college education nowadays?
More and more I see the individuals making millions just by acting, and acting out; I wonder why we still encourage an education. It is tough to justify an education when for most it doesn’t seem to pay off. Personally, I just finished my graduate degree ( still wondering if it was worth it). I don’t know that I will “force” an education on my children like my parents did. Instead, I’ll let them finish high school, and let them do what makes them happy. Does anyone see the value of an education going down?

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Answer by TaxMan
One “college education” is not equal to another.

Getting a degree in computer science or business is very valuable.
Getting a degree in art history is, on average, worth less than the cost of the education.

I would say that if they know what job they want, they should go to college or tech school based on what is required for the job. If they are still confused, they should get a job for a few years first. It is insane how much money is wasted on 18 year old kids that have no idea why they are going to college.

Some of the lucky ones get good jobs, but more and more of them would have been better off waiting.

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Question by DCPete27: What if education costs are less than your Coverdell IRA value?
If the education IRA and 529 plan I have for my son grows in value such that all education expenses are completely covered, what happens with the remainder? If there is a penalty, what is the rate?

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Answer by v b
Remember that the original contributions were after tax money, so only the earning can be taxed as income and subject to a 10% penalty.

For both funds, you can roll the money to another student (up to a first cousin).

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