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Stay Busy No Sad!| Ways to Keep Your Mind and Body Busy

So hey guys! this is my new tips of how to keep your mind busy and not let yourself sink in depression/boredom/sadness. Those tips are not are not replacing …

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Question by curious: What are ways to exercise without equipment?
I’m trying to lose weight. I’m only 15 years old and it’s hard for me to go to a gym or to buy exercise equipment to exercise in the house. The only thing really holding me back from going on a diet is exercise because i know it’s hard to lose weight without exercise. Could someone help me?

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Answer by x_Super_Social_Superstar_x
1. Dont diet.
2. What do you do in PE lessons?!?!!?
One way which helps me is running. When I first started I ran round the block for… a week. And towards the end I was quite comfortable with running that distance. After that week I ran round a bigger space.
Cycling can help too!
Or dancing! Dance mat games often have a work out mode on them, or just pretend you’re a super dancing diva and dance and skip and jump wherever you go!

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Question by april_spruell2002: Mental Health Class for High School students and need creative ideas of ways to teach the class?
Mental Health class activities for High School students?
I am teaching a Mental Health Class for High School students and need creative ideas of ways to teach the class.

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Answer by Idontknow
Just whatever you do, don’t focus on mental disorders. Teens are confused enough that many of them are going to go off thinking they’re bipolar or some crazy thing when in reality only a small percentage of the teenage population is actually mentally ill. Focus on mental health. Perhaps make them do some sort of stupid skit or some crap that high school teachers love to do. Basically though, most teens are not going to find your class either interesting or worth while.

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