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Question by Bonnie N: When were women allowed a formal education?
I am comparing genders in education and am wondering when women were allowed education along with males.

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Answer by iblockidiots
Women were always allowed education.

Where women were not educated, neither were men.

Perhaps maybe in ancient Greece were women not allowed education. But that might have been a good thing since most teachers of the time were pedophiles.

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Question by TK: How did religion play a crucial role in the lives of New England women?
How did religion play a crucial role in the lives of New England women?

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Answer by Nekhtet
This sounds like homework. Google is your friend.

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Fitness: Arm Exercises for Women

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Question by : Why does it seem women are on a perpetual treadmill of self improvement?
I have found that most women are routinely discontent with some part of their being (physical, mental, emotional). And so feel the need to be continuously working on self improvement to the point of exhaustion. Do you notice this as well?
True, but it should not be done under the disposition of discontent. One should approach self improvement with joy, not the feeling of being incomplete.

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Answer by Poodie
Every wise person knows that growth is a lifelong process.

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Question by Reality: Is there any religion on earth which consider men and women to be equal?
I was just wondering. Many religions claim men are superior to women. Is there any religion which states women are greater than men. At least that they are equal. Why do you think many religions consider men to be superior? Is it because all the founders of the religions happen to be men? If so its time we start our own religion. What do you think?

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Answer by Waziri
No. Nature itself knows man and woman are not equal

God created nature. That’s why you find..most “religions” show Man and Woman are not equal.

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