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Health and Healing “Teaching the Mind and Body to Work Together” – Lecture by Manly P. Hall
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Manly P. Hall - Health And Healing - Teaching the Mind and Body to Work Together

Manly P. Hall – Health And Healing – Teaching the Mind and Body to Work Together.
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Question by : I want to work within mental health?
I have a degree in Sociology and a years experience in a Mental Health setting as a volunteer.
What routes can I take (other than or after Support Worker, or Health Care Assistant) without further education?
What courses can I take (anything but Nursing)?
I’m not fussed about what exactly. Would just like to know there’s room for advancement. I know I would enjoy being a Support Worker, but knowing there’s no room for progression and being on 13k for the rest of my life (with a degree) is a bit dismall to me. I was thinking of perhaps undertaking an Occupational Therapy Masters and specialising in Mental Health. Any comments?

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Answer by sda
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Question by Carol: How do i get into work with adult mental health?
I currently work in a care home with the elderly and have many with dementia… I did a course this morning which went into mental health deeper and i was really interested. I would love to work in a mental heath hospital or something similar.. does anybody know how i would go about doing this?

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Question by franklincoveycoach: How can I get work as a guest lecturer on a cruise ship in exchange for travel?
I am a Licensed Psychologist and Certified Coach. I have lots of experience presenting on a variety of self-improvement and parenting topics.

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Answer by tech_fanatic
So far in my experience on a cruise, I’ve not seen guest psychologist lecturers. I have seen many people on board providing lectures to guests while on board. I’m not sure if they were allowed to go for free, but they brought their families as well, so I’m going to assume at the very least they were offered a really discounted rate.

I know lines like Holland America and a few other lines that offer cruises for seniors have many guest speakers quite often. But again, I’m not sure what they would have avilable for you.

A good thing to do might be to call the cruise lines directly to talk to them. They should be able to transfer you to someone that should be able to help.

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Question by r: How does Health Insurance Application Process work?
I applied for health insurance and forgot to mention an out of state doctor’s visit a few years back. Do the health insurance companies have access to all medical records even if you did not list the doctor or doctor’s office on the application? Is it a big deal that I forgot to list the visit. A brief explanation of how the application review process works would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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Answer by Steve B
In the UK, they normally don’t bother contacting your Doctor UNTIL YOU CLAIM … THEN they try to avoid paying out by finding some mistake or ‘error’ in your application so they can say the Insurance is invalid.

I’ve no idea what happens in the USA, but I bet Insurance companies there are just as reluctant to pay out as they are over here …

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Question by AnnaMorgan: Are there home remedies for Acne that work?
I’ve pretty much used everything there is to use for acne. Accutane, proactiv, clean and clear, neutrogena (spelling?) and nothing works (yes i do wash my face every morning when i wake up and before i go to bed). i’ve been to countless doctors and taken many different pills and nothing has worked for me. Are there any home remedies that have worked for you that you might recommend? thanks!

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Answer by Stephanie
i have tried home remedies like baking soda mask. you take baking soda and add a little bit of water mix it until it looks like paste rub it on your face and leave it for a few minutes it works as a great exfoliate. to reduce acne scars you can rub lemon juice on your face and leave it on for 10 minutes. The main thing i suggest is drinking a lot water, and getting a great moisturizer for your skin like aveeno daily moisturizer with spf…hope this helps it has helped me…good luck

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