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Question by (=~*Amy*~=): What should I write my research paper on relating to health and yoga or zumba?
My actual product/project would be to take classes in either yoga or zumba (whichever I fully decide to do) and eventually teach a class on my own.

I’m not a very fit and healthy person and I feel that taking yoga classes could help my body a little. I really want to do this project because I want to do a project on self improvement. Since I’m not the healthiest and most fit person around I’d like that to change.

My point with this, is that maybe a topic question about health thats related to (or leads into, or involves) yoga can help?

Like a question having to do with the different alternatives to becoming healthy. My only problem is figuring out a good topic that could cover all that.

So yeah, please help!! It would mean a lot!

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Answer by Tatl
The health effects of yoga on the human body. or how Yoga affects health.

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Question by Christy: How is Yoga beneficial to the mind and body?
I am going to begin taking a Yoga class today. I want to know a bit about how Yoga is beneficial to the mind and body.

I know each person is different so your personal experience with Yoga would help.

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Answer by larra_x3
it helps you clear and free your mind of stress

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Sitting In Padmasana- The Lotus Pose Or In A Simple Cross Legged Posture Or In Vajrasana Lock Your Fingers Together Behind Your Back So That They Form A Single Unit. Slowly Bend Forward Starting From The Waist Then The Back And Finally The Neck Until Your Forehead Touches The Ground. Hold. And Then Slowly Sit Up Again.This Is An Excellent Workout For The Abdominal Muscles. And Aids In Increased Overall Flexibility.
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In The Base Position On Your Stomach Slide Your Hands Under Your Thighs Palms Up. Inhale Slowly And Then Raise The Right Leg Off The Floor As High As Possible. Try And Keep The Leg Straight Without Bending The Knee Or Transferring Weight Onto The Other Leg Or By Lifting The Pelvic Region Off The Ground. Hold The Posture For As Long As You Can Hold The Inhaled Breath And Then Slowly Return The Leg To The Floor While Exhaling. Ardh Shalabhasana Helps In Developing The Quadriceps And Adds Tone To The Abdominal Muscles. It Stimulates The Stomach The Lower Back And The Intestines- Helping Strengthen The Bladder And Stretching The Spine.Remove Your Hands From Under Your Thighs And Place The Arms Alongside Your Body. Turn Your Head To The Side And Rest

Source-Yoga For Back Pain Artist- Dr. Surakshit Goswami Category- Yoga Type- Stretching Weights- No Benefits-Lumbar Spondilitis,Sciatica,Back Pain,Knee Pain,Foot Ache,Vericose Veins,Hernia,Hip Bone Strengthening.

Source-Yoga For Back Pain Artist- Dr. Surakshit Goswami Category- Tips Type- Tips Weights- No

From Shavasana Bring Your Legs Together And Your Arms To Your Sides. Bend The Right Leg At The Knee. Bring The Thigh As Close To Your Abdomen As Possible. Bring Both Arms Around The Right Leg Locking Your Fingers Just Below The Knee Joint. The Other Leg Remains Straight Still On The Ground. Keep The Foot Relaxed. Press The Thigh Into The Abdomen. Slowly Release In The Reverse Order. Repeat With The Other Leg.This Asana Is Excellent For Indigestion. Its A Great Stretch For The Abdomen The Hips And The Thighs Leaving The Lower Body Toned And Supple. It Helps In Relieving Back Pain And Has A Substantial Impact On The Pelvic Joint.Youll Already Have Started To Notice That The Exercises Seem To Occur In Pairs. This Is Part Of The Genius Of Yoga. Most Exercises Are Complementary Reversing The Muscular Stretches Of The Previous Exercise Working On The Complete Set Of Muscles For Each Body Part
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