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Question by Pat Wardhan: What self development/improvement must a young army officer do to enhance his leadership qualities?
After getting commissioned as a officer what should be the sphere of emphasis that the young officer has to concentrate on to develope his leadership traits and qualities as a leader to enhance his standing within his unit, his subordinates, peers and superior officers with greater relevance to self improvement and self development personally and professionally.

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Answer by TOPKICK
The best thing he can hope for is a quality Platoon Sergeant…if he has one…and he is willing to pay attention and listen, that man will teach him everything he needs to know and then some. The Company First Sergeant and the Battalion Sergeant Major are also good resources…
But if you go in like a know it all…you are in for a hard time.
I’ll tell you what I always told young Lieutenants, you are in charge but this is MY platoon. If I tell you what you are about to do is stupid and you tell me you are in charge and we are gonna do it your way you remember this….
The Battalion Commander is not going to come to you when it is screwed up, he will come to me and ask why did you let that Lieuteanat do that.
I hope that gives you some perspective on how it really is.

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